Compliance & Regulation

Kenron consults with engineering firms to ensure that designs and studies are in compliance with the current codes. Depending on the nature of a facility and its use and occupancy, different regulatory agencies will specify the design standards for the particular environment. These design standards dictate how systems need to be designed to comply with the codes. Kenron’s staff is educated on standards and keeps up to date with revisions through its partnered affiliations.


  • Ventilation Requirements
  • Exhaust Requirements
  • CFC Disposal
  • OSHA/EPA Standards
  • Food Processing
  • Fire & Safety
  • Medical & Dental Facilities
  • Bio Containment
  • Positive/Negative Air Pressure Systems
  • Safe Practices

Safety from the start is a matter of policy at Kenron. We take every precaution possible while ensuring our client’s interests so that the job can be accomplished without risk to anyone involved. The steps we take reduce or eliminate liability for mishaps. It’s the best way we know to manage risk, and protect the property and interests of all parties associated with a project.

On-Site Environments

Standard practices include a site inspection prior to a bid or the start of work. We check for physical problems such as fire hazards, vulnerable electrical systems, and open stairways. We also inspect for health hazards such as oil and chemical spills or improper storage. Kenron provides health and safety recommendations to the client, the general contractor, and subcontractors to help resolve unsafe working conditions. If necessary, we will call job site safety meetings to ensure hazard communications.

Our preparedness, your best insurance

Kenron’s on-staff safety coordinator has completed OSHA Hazard Communication Training, the OSHA 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training course, and a 30-hour Safety Training Program. Safety training begins when an employee is hired and is on-going while employed with Kenron. This includes periodic courses in hearing, respiratory, and other safety practices, regulations, and asbestos and lead awareness which are open to contractors and sub-contractors on a space available basis. In addition, many Kenron personnel are trained in first aid and have received CPR certification to handle emergencies at the job site. Portable safety equipment is on site at every job location. This portable unit meets all OSHA requirements, and includes an eyewash station, a burn kit, and a comprehensive first aid box. It’s one more way we reduce risk and protect the health of everyone on the job.