Energy Management & Chemical Conservation

To help control costs, Kenron designs, installs, and maintains a variety of systems that prevent excessive consumption of gas, electricity, oil, water, and chemicals. Some of these can actually pay for themselves in less than one year.

Take, for example, a load shed control system, which reduces peak load requirements by 50 percent. That could easily mean utility savings of $6,000 per year. After subtracting the $3,000 cost of the system, you would net $3,000 in the first year alone. Even if you borrowed the money at 12 percent, this would represent a simple 88 percent return on your investment!

Some of the conservation techniques we can apply include:

Variable-Speed Motor Controls:

Pumps and fans can be set to ramp up and down according to load instead of running at maximum all the time.

Energy management Systems:

Maximize the efficiency of HVAC and lighting systems to save energy and money.

  • Time of day controls — monitor temperature settings, pumps, fans, lights, etc. according to a schedule that accounts for occupied and unoccupied periods.
  • Duty cycle controls — sequence the run time of equipment to shed load and reduce net and peak energy usage.
  • Load management — systems automatically respond to use and occupancy to match duty to demand.
  • Remote Diagnostics: We can monitor all systems, including HVAC units and lighting, within a facility. This allows us to spot problems and provide periodic reviews of usage and efficiencies.

Chemical Conservation:

Careful design and control of exhaust systems and ventilation hoods prevents drawing off excessive amounts of chemicals used for metal treatment and other industrial processes, avoiding the cost of unnecessary replenishment. Plus it maintains safety and efficiency at the same time.

Process Environmental Management:

By controlling temperature and humidification, we can help maintain the quality of critical processes, such as printing plants, and metal treatment and plating facilities.

Chemical Treatment:

Water towers are subject to attack by chemicals and biological growth in the water. Unless controlled, scaling and sludge can drive up utility costs by an estimated 15 percent — or more — in just one year. Kenron can design and install systems that automatically maintain the water and chemicals for longer equipment life and energy savings.